How to follow my heart?

How many times have we heard „Follow your heart, and...“ all good will happen, right? Well, how?

STEP 1: find your heart.

STEP 2: follow. 

Yeah, easier said than done! Where is that heart that knows all the answers? How to find peace and happiness, if you even don’t know where your heart is, and what it wishes to tell.

One step closer to your heart is to start more listening to yourself and less what other people think and tell. In the end, it’s all about you and how you feel about yourself. So it’s important to look for the answers inside, not outside. I struggeled with it for quite some time - how come I know the answers when I read books and the wisdom comes from there and the smart guys live in far-far-away or lived long long time ago. Listen to myself. I don't have time for that, do I? And if I take the time and put myself first, aren't my actions based on ego? Well, it turns out that moms have to put themselves first, because if your cup is empty, there's nothing to give to your kids. If you don't drink water, you don't have milk for the baby.

Sometimes we need a little help to find the heart and then the answers start coming. If you need help finding your heart, it's best to have a clear intention to find someone who will show you the way and then wait patiently. One of my favourite sayings is „When the student is ready, the Master appears“. I have seen it happen many times. So if you’re about finding your heart that you could follow, ask yourself, what is it I need to learn and be ready for the Master to appear? Of course, it is necessary to recognize the Master – they don’t all come with saris or kimonos. :D And maybe! Maybe you already have Him/Her in your life!

Much love to you all! May angel blessings bring you joy and peace! 

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