Wings chair and table set 145€, NOW 116€

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Set includes one chair and one table

White legs or clear wooden legs: choose the finish below before adding to cart. 
If you wish to have white stripes on legs to give a special angelic touch to your furniture, there are white stickers included in the package.
A chair with angel wings - to make your little angel happy!

NOW we are in a situation where we can offer you a better price! In the changing world, meanwhile, raw material prices rose and quality unfortunately slightly decreased. Thus, the natural texture of the chair's birch plywood is gently visible through the paint. It is a child- and nature-friendly finishing product that covers plywood in a slightly different way. The products have still very good quality and the little angels will definitely be happy, because the change in color texture can only be seen with a very close look. We offer -20% as a gift from such Wings products with angelic trick.

Previous price 145 €, NOW with little painting trick 116 €

Before adding item in the cart, please read the transport information for Europe below.
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  • total height: 59 cm (23,22 inches)
  • seating height: 27,5 cm (10.82 inches)
  • material: plywood, wooden legs
  • finish: paint and laquer according to European Standards for kids furniture

  • height: 48,5 cm (19.09 inches)
  • oval table dimensions: 48,5 cm x 60 cm (19.09 in x 23,62 inches)
  • material: fiberboard, wooden legs
  • finish: paint and laquer according to European Standards for kids furniture

Transport: NB! Due to dimensions of the table, for Wings chair and table set does not fit either Itella SmartPost nor Omniva parcel terminals. The transport in the end of the buying process must be chosen in Estonia courier  and it's FREE in Estonia!
Delivery to Finland: Courier to Finland (Kotinkuljetus).
USA has its own transport selection.
For Europe other options are negotiable, please contact us to get detailed information. 

Little Wings chair is transported in flat package and is easy to put together. To connect Wings chair seating plate and wings, there is a tool in the package. Legs are scrollable for both chair and table.

Delivery in Estonia, Latvia 2-5 workingdays
Delivery to Finland, Sweden 5-14 workingdays
Delivery to other parts of Europe and USA 10-35 days
For furter information, please contact wings @

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