Life is beautiful! Blooming angel wings with bright colors and details on this babygirls' bodysuit help to create so much inner joy that it starts to shine outwards from its wearer. Even the cloudiest day becomes bright. Your little angel is now even more angelic. Soft breathing fabric is comfortable and safe to the skin. It suits wonderfully to parties, cafes and at the photographer or... just to bring good vibes to your everyday life. When your little angel takes a nap, thin wings on the back don't bother the heavenly dreams.

Angelic baby bodysuit mathces perfectly with blooming leggings that have frills on the back.


Angel wings body suit has two buttons to ease taking off and putting on the suit. Little frills are adding heaven around the collar. Wings are so thin that while baby is taking her heavenly nap, no need to worry about any pumps on the back. The modeling has a little extra, so rather choose the size smaller than the number bigger, so that the buffy sleeves would fit beautifully on the shoulders.

White fabric is GOTS certified 95% cotton and 5% elastane (GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard)
Floral fabric is child friendly with oeko-tex certificate 95% cotton and 5% elastane

Floral fabric is Wings by Palms Art original design and it's only used in Helg clothing.

Helg clothes are made in Estonia. Support Estonian small business and get wonderful clothes from us!

Delivery time in Estonia 4-7 working days
Delivery time in Finland and Baltic countries 6-14 working days
The rest of the Europe 7-21 days
Delivery time in the rest of the world 14-40 days

Care instructions:
Product is allowed to wash in a washing machine at 30 degrees, but no bleacher should be used, nor should it be dryed in a dryer. The product may be put into a dry cleaning, but detergents containing trichloroethylene should be avoided. Use low heat when ironing.

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