Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom, there lived a fairy named Luna. Luna had really kind heart and a beautiful smile, but there was one thing that made her different from all the other fairies. Luna couldn't fly. She had tried countless times to take up, but her wings wouldn't lift her off the ground. 

Luna felt sad and left out as she watched her happy fairy friends soaring through the air in beautiful blue sky. She felt like she didn't belong in the kingdom, like she was a burden on everyone else. But Luna didn't give up hope. She kept trying to fly every day, but no matter how hard she tried, her wings wouldn't do the job. 

One day, as Luna was practicing her flying, she saw a figure walking towards her. It was an angel! Luna had never seen an angel before, so she felt a little scared. But as the angel came closer, Luna felt a sense of calm wash over her. The angel smiled at Luna and said, "Hello, little fairy. I have been sent to help you." 

Luna felt a rush of joy fill her heart. She had always heard that angels were invisible and couldn't be seen, but here was one standing right in front of her. The angel introduced herself as Angelica and explained that she was sent by the kingdom's Queen to help Luna learn how to fly. 

Angelica spent every day with Luna, teaching her how to use her wings to lift off the ground. She showed Luna how to use the wind to her advantage and how to stay balanced in the air. Angelica was patient and supportive, always encouraging Luna to try again and never giving up on her. They became very close friends. 

Slowly but surely, Luna began to get the hang of it. She started to lift off the ground and fly for short distances. The more she practiced, the better she got. Before she knew it, Luna was soaring through the air with her fairy friends, laughing and giggling with joy. 

As Luna flew, she felt a warm presence beside her. She knew that Angelica was there, invisible but always supporting her. Luna learned that angels may not always be seen, but they are always there, helping and supporting us when we need it most.  

From that day on, Luna never felt like a burden again. She knew that she was loved and supported by the kingdom and by her now invisible angel friend. She continued to practice her flying every day, always remembering the lessons that Angelica had taught her: „Never give up on your dreams. Give your best and the Universe takes care of the rest. Believe in yourself.“ And every time she took flight, Luna felt a sense of joy and wonder that filled her heart with warmth and happiness. 

Remember, if you dream big and don’t give up, miracles can happen. Always believe in yourself!

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