3 Steps to Accomplish Carefree Everyday Life

Isn’t it wonderful how carefree kid’s life is? Just play and then... play more! 
Sometimes it’s so heartwarming to look back to your own childhood and remember the feeling of pure joy. But did you know that it’s actually possible to bring these pure emotions to your adult life?
It takes time and work, but the sooner you start the faster you’ll get there. Previously I wrote about How to Deal with Toddler Tantrums and on How to Follow My Heart to share the things I have experienced on my journey to becoming more content and feel fulfilled, enjoy the peace in my heart. Here are next simple steps toward worrying less and enjoying more your life:
how to accomplish carefree life - play with kids

1) First step is easy: take time to play with your kid as a kid and forget about adult responsibilities for 5 minutes. Enjoy the moment, dring the imaginery tea and feel the melting chocklate chip cookie in your mouth. No worries about too many calories. Your kid is going to be so thankful that you took the time to dedicate for his/her teaparty. Are you ready to try?

2) No regrets! What’s done, is done. You can’t turn back time. Forgive others and most importantly, forgive yourself.

• Bless the past, move on with your life and enjoy where you are right now.
• Be thankful for each present moment you have and see, how much there is to enjoy instead of being worried about somethingin the past.
• Just like Elsa from Frozen I said: “Let it go!” 
• ... what else is possible for you to enjoy life more carefree like kids do?

3) Be THANKFUL! It’s that easy! The more thankful you are, the more you will be given to be thankful for. This is the most powerful tool to use for upgrading your quality of life. I promise!

• Take a moment, look around you and you realize how much you have, how many of your desires have already been fulfilled and how blessed you are.
• Play with your kid and hug your loved ones for no reason.
• Give love to everything through being thankful: lessons in life, people, things, career etc.
• Enjoy what you have already created and dream bigger.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for reading this and becoming more and more what you really are: a light in this world.

Much blessings!

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