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We are so glad that we can share our joy with you - now we can offer you heavenly solutions to design your little angel's room. Wings by Palms Art intention is to help you furnish your daughter's room with the help of angels. Most of our furniture is designed with angel wings details.

Our aim is to bring more harmony in your home and in your life! You can find our product descriptions and more details about angelic items in our webshop here 

In addition we offer solutions for enhancing room acoustics, so that your sweet little kids' laughter wouldn't echo back from the walls. A lot of beautiful homes have abundance of light and space, but the echos of hightsequence sounds that formulate in those wide rooms, are hard to tolerate for your brain and it makes it stressful. Solution? You can buy beautiful wall decorations, painting repros and personally designed panels that will catch the echo.

When sound is made, may it come from human speech or a HiFi speaker, the room is filled with it. And if it is not absorbed, it bounces around until drained of energy. In a room with hard walls this bouncing can go on for quite some time. These echoes, or reverberations, greatly impacts our daily lives – may it be during conversations, HiFi listening or working in an open office environment.

You may enhance the acoustics with curtains or with some suitable carpet or wall covering. But there is a simpler solution - just put a goodlooking soundabsorbing canvas on the wall. You can choose special design just for you. Everything is done especially for you! Of course you have to buy a specific size that does the job in your room, but these are just details. Most important - kids' laughter of having fun should not be stopped.

If your home sweet home is decorated with wellthought details, the energy of the whole family is more harmonic. Isn't that what we want from the first place? To have harmony in our home and in our relationships. Our furniture with angel wings is created exactly for fulfillment of this purpose - to make everyone feel more harmony in their lives starting with their own room. If your kid's room is more cozy and lovely, there will me more magical memories of her childhood. 

Our aim is to give you solutions and inspiration. The rest is your own joice.
If you have ideas, write to us wings@palmsart.com 

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