You've probably heard about the butterfly effect. In popular culture the term is derived from the metaphorical example of the details of a tornado being influenced by minor movement such as the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier. One little detail can change the whole world? Why? Because everything is connected and happens for a reason. What about, if I smile? Say someone something nice? Make a compliment. What happens to the whole world then? 
Everything around us is connected. That is why there is no such thing as coincidence. Astrologers state that this is why they can explain a lot of things with the help of the position of the stars. Stars don't have a random position. They are, where they're precisely supposed to be and because of that hundreds of years ago astrology was even a part of University educational program. But there is no need to give the responsibilty to stars. We need to take responsiblity of our actions on ourselves. 

So if everything is where it's supposed to be, then it just Is. The power of Being is what we often don't understand. We take the time to contemplate about the past, and then take the time to wonder about the future. Why? Of course we need the past for our mind and logical thinking to make some conclusions and analyze experiences. We certainly need the future for our brain to calculate the possibility of events and what steps are to be taken for our goals to be achieved. But what do we have for real? Only present moment. Only present moment I can decide what I like or want to do in order to change my life for the better. Only now! That, of course, in case you wish to make your life better... :) 
Here and now we can smile, think positive thoughts, forgive in our hearts and let the past go. Give love and trust God. Only here and now You have the power to decide whether you let your mind overcome your intuition. Only here and now you can be grateful and happy for everything, no matter how small. Look around you: sure you can find a plant or looking out of the window, you see the sky or a cat passing by or tree branches moving along with the wind. These things - they just exist in peace and for them we can be thankful. That we have a room to be in, fresh air to breath or a computer screen to read what you wish.
If we take the Moment what we have and fill it with thankfulness and joy, it fills up the whole room and house and even the city! Not to mention, the whole world is just a little bit better place by that tiny awakening what you just did by being grateful for the moment. If you share, it grows. If from one flapping of the butterfly wings can come a hurricane, then one smiling grateful person can make ten other people smile, hundred great ideas will grow out from these happy people and thousands of people will rejoice. From great ideas will arise such movements like Let's Do It World Cleanup Day that have already gone global, or 4ocean organisation that is actively cleaning oceans and coastlines etc.
Give the present moment a chance to open up the great joy for you. It is a well kept public secret that everything you have is Now and that Joy what comes from the present moment is limitless, abundantly shareable. Try it out yourself and let me know!

We have created Wings by Palms Art in order to share this love and joy through interior design and blog. We wish to share our joy in every way we know. About our story, see here

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